What you will be learning

The Science of Mentalphysics is Science and Spirituality coming together. An inner understanding of the Universe within. A super yoga (with breathwork, meditation, affirmations, and more) that can heal your body, mind and spirit... And activate your own Superpowers!

We will meet each morning (or afternoon) for 9 days in a row to practice these ancient Tibetan breathwork techniques that will change your life! You will learn a brief history of the teachings that are thousands of years old...directly from the Monasteries in Tibet.

As we go along we will be practicing different breathing positions and exercises called The 8 Key Breaths which balances your entire endocrine system and charges every cell of your being with health and wellness!

After each breath we relax deeply and listen to affirmations specific to each breath, and feel within ourselves. Observing and listening. And feeling what each breath does inside the body.

I guarantee you will be feeling better after this 9 Day Challenge than you did when you started or your money back!

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